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West FIGHT ON 2019

Team 5-Kate

Team 5-Kate started in 2013, when I was first diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.  Knowing my passion for running, friends and family joined me in participating and raising funds for cancer research.   

Since 2013, we have raised over $20,000 together for West Cancer Center!  As many of you know, West Cancer Center is close to my heart, because of the wonderful care and treatment I have received. Every time I walked through the doors of the West Cancer Center, I was not just a patient, I was Kate. The receptionists, nurses, doctors, and volunteers greeted me by name and I learned from them that fighting cancer takes teamwork and the team at the West Cancer Center was always by my side.

I have been fortunate to receive an innovative treatment called, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy or HIPEC, two times, where the cancer was debulked from my body and a heated chemotherapy was then washed through my abdomen, with the goal of killing any remaining cancer cells directly at the site of the disease. The development of these types of cutting edge procedures as well as continued advances with trials and other immunotherapy treatments are made possible by funding cancer research and I am asking for your help again this year.  Every dollar we raise will go directly to fund the fight against cancer here in our community!

I would love to have you join me and Team 5-Kate, by running, walking, riding or just coming out to celebrate with us on September 14th for WEST FIGHT ON 2019! 


Team 5-Kate Raised
INNOVATOR Milestone I Donated! Kate Horton $3,050.00
I Donated! Bruce Alpert $15.00
Jeanne Alpert $15.00
WEST WARRIOR Milestone I Donated! Jill Amos $680.00
I Donated! Dennese Black $25.00
PIONEER Milestone I Donated! Alyssa Boler $295.00
I Donated! Sharon Butcher $25.00
I Donated! David Calvin $15.00
Lucie Calvin $15.00
Gene Carter $30.00
I Donated! Shannon Carter $30.00
I Donated! Emily Chambers $30.00
I Donated! Cathy Clark $25.00
Emma Clark $15.00
Matt Clark $15.00
I Donated! SARA CLARK $15.00
I Donated! Thomas Coupe $25.00
I Donated! Anik Dam $30.00
I Donated! Rebecca DeRousse $25.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Jeff Embry $165.00
Avery Etz $15.00
Brian Etz $15.00
I Donated! Jackie Etz $15.00
Lily Etz $15.00
Stella Etz $15.00
Peggy Frazer $15.00
I Donated! Rachel Frazer $15.00
Jayne Gorby $15.00
I Donated! Bethany Henderson $30.00
I Donated! Kaitlin Higginbotham $60.00
David Horsley $15.00
I Donated! Suzanne Horsley $25.00
Brendan Horton $15.00
I Donated! Chris Horton $15.00
I Donated! Rusty Horton $15.00
Shane Horton $15.00
Catherine Hu $25.00
Zhiliang Hu $25.00
ava iskiwitz $15.00
Emma Iskiwitz $15.00
Jamie Iskiwitz $15.00
I Donated! Kelly iskiwitz $15.00
I Donated! Aaron Jaffe $15.00
Ellis Jaffe $15.00
Owen Jaffe $15.00
Karen Leone $0.00
I Donated! Kristen Leone $75.00
I Donated! Michaela Lewis $30.00
Lucy Lin $15.00
Reid Lin $15.00
I Donated! Sarah Lin $15.00
Tony Lin $15.00
I Donated! Wei Liu $50.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Warren McWhirter $225.00
I Donated! Brett Morgan $10.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! James Murphy $130.00
I Donated! Sany Nguyen $50.00
Renee Nickele $15.00
I Donated! Emily Noblett $50.00
I Donated! Ross Parker $60.00
Adam Rush $30.00
I Donated! Laura Rush $45.00
I Donated! john shearer $15.00
I Donated! Joshua Shearer $15.00
Morgan Shearer $15.00
virginia shearer $15.00
Bryan Sisk $10.00
Caroline Sisk $10.00
Conor Sisk $10.00
I Donated! Susye Sisk $15.00
I Donated! Melissa Still $25.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Meredith Wagner $115.00
I Donated! Stephanie Wall $15.00
I Donated! Tobey Wallace $25.00
I Donated! Jo Webb $15.00
I Donated! Laura White $80.00
Mindy Wurzburg $30.00
Team Gifts $936.00
Denotes a Team Captain